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I offer both personal and professional development coaching. Coaching and mentoring in sport is a given, and now in the workplace it is sought by people working in many kinds of organisations, whether in the private or public sector. How often do we experience a supportive and non-­judgmental space in which to reflect and to work with how we want to move forwards?

One of the best definitions I have come across for coaching is “helping someone get out of their own way”. Coaching is helping someone gain clarity about what they want and how they are going to achieve it. Whether that is finding or performing in a new job, work/­life balance, a new project, relationships, health, it is a resource to support our personal and professional development.

There are overlaps between personal and professional development, helping in one area invariably has knock-on benefits in another. My approach when working with individuals will always be flexible and tailored to their requirements. If you are not sure which approach or combination might suit you best, please contact me.

Business & Organisational Coaching

If you are a business or organisation looking for one-to-one coaching or group training, please visit the Business Coaching Page.

Life Coaching

If you would like to know more about how life coaching might be able to help you, please visit the Life Coaching Page.