does online hypnotherapy work

Does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

One of the most common questions I get asked is “does online hypnotherapy work?”. The short answer is Yes! For how and what it can help with, as well as advantages of using online hypnotherapy you can read more here…

Online Hypnotherapy with Chantry Health

Offering support online

online hypnotherapy imageAs well as seeing people in person, I’ve been working online for many years. People from all over the UK, Europe, Asia, and The States have read my blogs and contacted me. It’s lovely, and really interesting talking with people from all over the world. And for them it means they can get support wherever they are.

And luckily, what I offer works well both in person and online. Over the last few years, the number of people I see online has increased. For many people using Apps like WhatsApp has become a really easy way to stay in touch with friends and family. At work people also use a range of platforms to connect, whether working from home or connecting with colleagues based elsewhere.

Yes, but does online hypnotherapy actually work?

Spoiler alert – yes, it does!

It can work just as well as hypnotherapy sessions in a clinic. But don’t take my word for it, here are some testimonials from online hypnotherapy sessions.

“We had a lovely trip to Italy with no travel sickness on the flight despite some turbulence on the way out. I was fine travelling by car, taxi and minibus, and on a train too. Many thanks for all your help and support with the online Hypnotherapy and NLP.” JM, Devon

“Working with Lynne has provided some much-needed calm in a busy and stressful world. I’ve enjoyed our sessions, not only as they are helping me to achieve my goal, but also because they have encouraged me to set aside some much needed “me time” in my life. Lynne is kind and patient. She creates a safe and relaxed space, making the sessions a truly enjoyable experience.” BR, Surrey

“I passed my exams with flying colours after listening to the hypnotherapy recordings & using the tools I learnt.” RC, East Sussex

Can I get stuck and other questions about online hypnotherapy

People often have lots of questions about hypnotherapy. Usually around being in control, getting stuck and other things they are not sure about. The good news is that you are always in control, you can allow yourself to reach that lovely, relaxed zone and bring yourself back to alertness at any time. And that’s just as true for hypnotherapy online as it is in a clinic setting.

You can read more about what happens in a hypnotherapy session, and also see answers to some of the frequently asked questions about hypnotherapy.

Advantages of online hypnotherapy

online hypnotherapy imageWhat I have noticed over the years is that people find they can relax really easily at home. They find a comfy chair and quite often use headphones as well. We find a time when hopefully you can enjoy the session without being interrupted. It all adds to you getting the most out of each session.

It’s convenient and flexible, wherever you are based. And, happily, as you will have seen from the testimonials above, it works as well as seeing me in person. Although you will need to bring your own cuppa!

What can online hypnotherapy help with?

There are so many reasons why people come to hypnotherapy. From help with confidence and self-esteem, stress management, addressing unhelpful habits and old patterns, to developing more creativity or exploring new projects. The most common things I see in practice are anxiety, insomnia and phobias around flying and travel sickness.

online hypnotherapy imageOne of my favourites was working with a lovely lady who had a history of incredibly severe travel sickness, and she was facing into a family holiday that entailed not just flying but sailing too! You can read about it here, I take off every hat I own to her, she did really well!

And if it is a phobia that makes travel feel difficult or impossible for you, you might be interested in hypnotherapy and NLP for overcoming a fear of flying.overcome fear of flying nlp hypnotherapy

Your own hypnotherapy recording

Whether you see me in person or have hypnotherapy online, I can make a digital recording for you. I set it to background music and send you a link via email so you can listen in between sessions. I’ve found people really appreciate this as it usually helps them and can mean they need fewer sessions overall.

Book a free call with Chantry Health

You can book a free-of-charge call initially so that you can let me know a bit about what you would like some help with. And you can also meet me and ask questions you might have about my approach, Online Consultations, and what it is like to have a hypnotherapy session. If we both think I might be able to help we can then book a full-length call.

Mostly I use WhatsApp and Skype, as many people are already familiar with these and find them really easy to use.

If you would like to explore how online hypnotherapy might be able to help you, you can contact me, Lynne Russell, or give me a call on 07970 245118.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.