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Help Breaking Habits Interview on BBC Radio Sussex

Breaking old or unhelpful habits can feel like a bit of battle. Here are some useful self-help tips that we talked about on Allison Ferns BBC Sussex Show in her Sound Advice Slot. You can listen again and read about it here. BBC Sussex Talking About Self Help Tips for Help Breaking Habits Being Back Read More

help changing habits

Help Changing Habits – Your 7 Point Checklist

Many of us have patterns of thinking and behaving that have become habits, and that can trip us up as we try to move forwards. Whether they are obvious habits around diet, alcohol, and lifestyle choices, or ways in which we behave and think about ourselves. The start of the year can be a great Read More

what happens in a life coaching session

What Happens in a Life Coaching Session?

Most people have come across coaching in sport or business but how can it be helpful in our day-to-day lives? In this post I look at what life coaching is and isn’t, where it can be helpful and what happens in a life coaching session. Life Coaching Sessions – an Introduction. What is Life Coaching? Read More

nlp belief change

NLP Belief Change

What if I told you that you had already made all your life’s decisions by the age of 7! As children we develop our view of the world and who we believe we are. In effect we are writing our own ‘operating manual’ and then we live by it. It makes sense that whilst some Read More

self-hypnosis for better decision making

Self-Hypnosis for Better Decision Making

Have you ever considered self-hypnosis for better decision making? There can be many reasons why we find it hard to make decisions, or that the decisions we end up making may not be the best ones. In this post I explore how self-hypnosis can be a valuable self-help tool, and help in making better decisions. Read More

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NLP Reframing Explained

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to find a positive aspect and approach to life’s obstacles and challenges? NLP Reframing can be learnt by anyone and applied to help you feel more resourceful and resilient in everyday life as well as in difficult situations. This blog aims to give you a Read More

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NLP Chunking Explained

Do you have a great idea but wonder where to start, or are you submerged in the details of a project? You may benefit from NLP Chunking & NLP chunking up or chunking down. This approach can be used in any number of situations to help you move forwards. This post aims to give you 5 Read More

Importance of Communication Skills image

The Importance of Communication Skills

How often do you find yourself being as clear as you can but not being understood? Communication can lie at the heart of many conflicts, both at home and work. Understanding the importance of communication skills and how to improve them can help you to increase effectiveness and harmony in any area of your life. Read More

Life Coaching Checklist – Part 2

Despite all our efforts some habits or situations can feel as if they are fixed in stone. Part two of the Life Coaching checklist continues to look at ways to help you overcome being stuck, break habits and move forwards in your life using this checklist to help you to be your own coach. In Read More

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Life Coaching Checklist – Part 1

We can take steps to make changes in any moment of our lives, but as a year closes and a new one begins, it can feel like the right time to take stock. What has gone well, and what would we like to change? Here is part one of my life coaching checklist so you Read More