christmas survival tool kit

A Christmas Survival Tool Kit

Christmas means different things to us all. And even if you love it, there can still be plenty of challenges. Here are some suggestions for a Christmas survival tool kit to help you get the most out of this time and beyond.

Your Christmas Survival Tool Kit

Surviving and Enjoying Christmas

Before the first day arrives here is a Christmas survival tool kit. Aiming to offer you ideas and resources to tide you over the twelve days of Christmas.

Choose a Version that Works for You

How ever you are spending Christmas, there might be things you cannot change. You may be working, visiting or providing a wonderful time for your family and friends. Imagine you are new to the whole experience of Christmas. Given a choice, how would you approach it? What could you change to make it a happier, more restorative and meaningful time?

The Three Unwise Gifts

The three wise men did not bring alcohol, caffeine or sugar as gifts! With good reason. They each create highs and lows in mood and energy creating a rollercoaster. Amid all the Christmas excitement it can be easy to wonder why you are struggling until you consider what you have been expecting your body (and mind!) to run on.

christmas survival tool kit Self-Care at Christmas

Even if you manage to dodge some of the three unwise gifts most people will find Christmas can bring a range of challenges. There are many homeopathic remedies that can offer support for The Twelve Trials of Christmas. And if your nose is sore and as red as Rudolph’s there are also lots of useful remedies for colds and flu as well as support for coughs.

Your Christmas Survival Tool Kit for Silent Nights!

A cocktail of social events, the three unwise gifts and changes in our routine can also make it a series of unholy nights. Which can take their toll on the days. You might find some useful tips in this BBC Radio Sussex Interview about Help with Sleep. You can also find information about Homeopathy for Insomnia.

christmas survival tool kit 4Avoid Ding Dongs – Take Time Out

It can get a bit intense! Taking time out that can really help reduce the pressure cooker effect. Having a change of scene can freshen up things. You may benefit from time for yourself to recharge batteries if that is what you need. Whether it is for you or different family members, see what you can factor in to give everyone breathing space or a change of pace if they need it.

Get Active & Go Outside

With the short days and winter weather it can be hard to find time to be outside. But you can make mid-winter less bleak by walking in a winter wonderland in your local area, park or countryside. Your local swimming pool, leisure centre, gym, etc. may be open most of the holidays. Not just a great way to get moving during the holidays but maybe to also find out about options for the new year and beyond.

Focus on the Positives for a Christmas Survival Tool Kit

Sometimes we can get very caught up in the busyness and aspired to perfection of a modern Christmas. If there are things that are exactly how you love them to be that is wonderful. There may be aspects that are difficult or less than perfect, focus on what you do have in your life that is positive. Many of us have so much to be thankful for that our expectations have raised the bar of gratitude a little high. Being grateful for the positives and generous with our time and kindness can all add depth to our appreciation of our lives all year round, as well as at Christmas.

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and restorative Christmas with the Sussex Carol.  And a new year that brings you all your wish for.

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