Read some of the kind words and testimonials about people’s experience of Chantry Health’s Menopause Support and Self-Help Menopause Workshops, Homeopathy, NLP and Coaching, Life Coaching Workshops, Hypnotherapy and the Self-Hypnosis Workshops – thank you.

Menopause Support

“Lynne is helping me with my menopause symptoms, she has a very easy manner that makes you feel completely comfortable and relaxed. She obviously has a great interest and huge knowledge on how to help with menopause. I am feeling much more in control of my symptoms thanks to Lynne. Would highly recommend.” JF, West Sussex                                                                                                

“I came to Lynne at a very difficult time in my life and have been working with her for the last 2.5 years around menopausal issues. The remedies have been amazing – on 2 occasions improvements have occurred that had been ruled out as a possibility by my doctor – but moreover Lynne’s sensitivity and wisdom have left me feeling that no matter what challenges I’m facing, she and homeopathy are by my side. That has been incredibly valuable to me.”  LN, East Sussex

Self-Help Menopause Workshops

“A thoroughly informative day that uncovered important aspects of the menopause in a positive way. It has helped me to understand better the significance of this life changing time. I now feel more equipped to use this opportunity as a chance to address health issues in a constructive way. Thank you so much Lynne”.  AF, East Sussex                                                                                                                                                                                           

“It was lovely to meet and spend time with everyone and feel reassured from the discussions that we are all experiencing symptoms that have had an impact in some way but there is so much we can do to self-help. It was good to take time out to focus on myself and learn more about the menopause and how it effects the body. It helped to improve my understanding of the symptoms and explore ways I can naturally manage the ones that impact me and generally improve my overall wellbeing. The day was very well structured and managed. Lynne made everyone welcome, it was a relaxed atmosphere providing opportunity to ask questions and gain a really good understanding of the menopause. Of course, there was lots of chat and laughter too but Lynne had a very subtle way of keeping the day on track. Thank you it was enlightening.”  EM, East Sussex


“I came to Lynne for support for severe aches, pains and mobility stiffness after stopping HRT. I just hoped she could help as it was getting very difficult to endure. Now I am mostly pain free and do not take any pain killers at all, except for the remedies!”  CW, East Sussex                                                                                                                                                                            

“I suffered with severe Psoriasis for 30 years and as anyone who knows this condition will be aware, there is no reliable “cure”. I tried acupuncture, hypnotherapy and many diets/supplements, but nothing really worked. About 10 years ago I contacted Lynne Russell to see if homeopathy could help. It took about 6 months, but eventually my Psoriasis disappeared. I have been completely clear for 10 years and haven’t needed to keep up the remedies – miraculous in my opinion. Lynne is a gifted practitioner and I can highly recommend her – thanks Lynne!”   MJ, West Sussex                                                                                                                           

NLP & Coaching

“I saw Lynne when I was facing challenging times with my family and had become anxious and “stuck” in repeated negative thought patterns which were clouding my journey into planning my retirement. Lynne is a true professional, extremely knowledgeable and wise, with a variety of techniques at her fingertips and I so enjoyed every appointment. She has an amazing ability to guide the way through troubled waters with compassion, laughter and perceptiveness without ever being judgemental.  Our sessions have lifted the veil from my eyes and made me see the way forward with such peace and clarity. She has taught me how to use the tools of NLP to modify my thought processes. It has been such an immensely powerful experience and I urge you to pick up the phone and make an appointment.”  S, West Sussex

“Working with Lynne enabled me to work through all of my preconceptions and limiting beliefs so that I could find a way forward without being burdened by the past. I wanted practical strategies and exercises, which is exactly what I got, and I found the sessions both helpful and convenient as we worked via Skype. Part of the reason I chose Lynne was because she had such a broad skill set, and the fact that she was able to use some hypnotherapy as well as NLP made all the difference, as well as her sense of humour which made it all the more enjoyable!”  MW, Hampshire

Be Your Own Life Coach Workshops

“I really enjoyed the “Be Your Own Life Coach” day with Lynne. I now have a path to my goal, that I can stay with and review. I had a moment of clarity about my situation whilst listening to Lynne talk and came away with great tools and a really well planned work folder that I have referred back to several times since the day.  Thanks Lynne.”  EN, London

“A wonderfully informative and inspirational workshop.”   SE, West Sussex  


“I went to see Lynne to help me with a sugar craving I was keen to get rid of.  After a few sessions in the chair, I am delighted to say that the hypnotherapy worked a treat.  A much better treat than a hot chocolate!  Now I feel much more in control of my cravings and whether or not I choose to indulge instead of this being a habit.  Thank you Lynne!”  KD, East Sussex

“I have been meeting with Lynne for over a year now and can truly say the experience has been transformational.  She has used both hypnotherapy and talking therapy – whichever has been appropriate at the time – and right from the start I felt she understood and supported me.  Over the months she has guided me to explore and resolve many issues and now I feel I am becoming the person I was always meant to be.”  CW, West Sussex

 Self-Hypnosis Workshops

“A truly enlightening day. You managed to close my eyes and open my mind. I am looking forward to practising this in the days, weeks and months to come.” SB, West Sussex

“Thank you for a wonderful insight into the world of hypnotherapy. It was a great day with lots of helpful advice, hints and tips with the addition of a very informative handout and CD to take home. Thank you so much.” LD, East Sussex
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