Read some of the kind words and testimonials about people’s experience of Homeopathy, NLP and Coaching, Hypnotherapy and the Self-Hypnosis Workshops – thank you.


“I first came to see Lynne when I when I felt my marriage was over; she found time for me even though it was at short notice and I could only make appointments at the end of the day. Now a few months later, I’m feeling like I know where I’m going and have managed to stay on very good terms with my wife. I look forward to my appointments as it’s a chance to build my future view and understand more about who I am. I cannot begin to thank Lynne enough and would recommend her to anyone; she’s truly a caring person who goes above and beyond to help you in whichever way is right for you.”
Thomas, Kent

“For the past couple of years I have been seeing Lynne to help me through my menopause brought on by a hysterectomy and I have found it invaluable.  Lynne has listened patiently to my ups and downs and has been fantastic in getting the remedies right for me.  I have also attended her self-hypnosis workshop to help me with my sleep patterns.  Lynne made the workshop fun and relaxing and it has made the world of difference to me. Thank you!”
AG, West Sussex

“Through homeopathy, NLP, hypnotherapy, and teaching me how to use self-hypnosis, Lynne helped me through a time of massive confusion, uncertainty and pain, treating me with compassion, unfailing expertise and concise follow through. She gets to know her client and to understand their presenting problems, both physical and emotional, with an intensely soothing demeanour, whilst asking wonderfully insightful questions that really get to the root of the issue. My sessions with her have helped me to explore all aspects of my health and wellbeing in a way that has been quite profound. I deeply value her commitment and love in doing what she does, along with her vast experience and deep knowledge of the remedies and their applications. I feel honoured and privileged to know her and cannot recommend her highly enough.”
AP, East Sussex


“I loved every minute of my hypnotherapy session with Lynne. She made me feel calm, grounded and settled in my body before we went on our guided journey together. It helped me out so much at a time of huge transition, and afterwards I felt I could begin to focus more and organise my life by living more authentically and in my truth. Lynne is such a joy to work with and I look forward to future sessions with her.”
SH, East Sussex

“Lynne is very professional and her caring, friendly manner quickly put me at ease and instilled confidence. I found the hypnotherapy and NLP consultations both interesting and  beneficial and have already recommended Lynne to friends and family.”
SM, East Sussex


“I was going through a difficult time in my life when I first saw Lynne. I found going to see her very easy and enjoyable and always came out feeling very positive. Lynne’s Holistic approach always made me feel comfortable and at ease; she has a sound knowledge and caring nature and provides an excellent service to her patients.”
LM, West Sussex

“I have been a huge advocate of homeopathy for some twenty-five years and even managed to convert my husband! The benefits are tangible and you are taking responsibility for your health by dealing with the cause of an issue or problem rather than just the symptom. Conventional medicine certainly has its place and if I broke my arm, I would not expect homeopathy to repair the break. I do know it would holistically deal with the healing process and the shock.
I certainly feel the benefits of using a homeopathic approach and would recommend anyone to it. I dealt with the symptoms of menopause homeopathically and it was a breeze with no side effects from medication long–term.”
RC, West Sussex

NLP & Coaching

“I came to Lynne during a time of massive personal change. Through NLP she has given me practical tools which have supported me through my divorce, a change in job role and a new relationship. I have learnt so much about myself and am back to being a healthy, happy and confident person. I can’t thank and recommend her enough.”
CP, West Sussex

“I can’t thank Lynne enough and would highly recommend NLP to anyone feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of modern living. I no longer feel burdened by the responsibility of working and raising a young family and feel my family and I have benefited enormously.”
KS, West Sussex

“I have been working with Lynne for about a year, and have been really impressed with how far I have come. I have had a lot of counselling in the past (for periods of 5 and 4 years), but the progress I made with Lynne quite early on in this short period has exceeded my expectations. With the range of therapies she has at her disposal, she has helped me turn my life around in a very short space of time. I feel I have cleared lots of old traumas and am now much more positive. I would recommend this to everyone!”
H, Kent


“A truly enlightening day. You managed to close my eyes and open my mind. I am looking forward to practising this in the days, weeks and months to come.”
SB, West Sussex

“Excellent course with just the right mix of detail, humour and practise. I will definitely look to continue in the future.”
NN, West Sussex

“Thank you Lynne for a wonderful day on self-hypnosis techniques. You, as always, explained the theory and practice on an accessible level and the handouts are brilliant. I feel I can now take this home with me and use it to help with improving sleep patterns and tackling those tasks I have been putting off for ages! Thank you.”
JG, Dorset

“Thank you for a wonderful insight into the world of hypnotherapy. It was a great day with lots of helpful advice, hints and tips with the addition of a very informative handout and CD to take home. Thank you so much.”
LD, East Sussex

“I finished the workshop refreshed, alert, more confident and a different person than when I arrived. Very useful information.”
MR, Surrey

“A very professionally delivered workshop with ample humour. Interesting, informative, enjoyable and above all practical. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning how to change tricky parts of their lives.”
LG, East Sussex

“Lynne’s workshop was relaxed, friendly, and full of information given in a simple and readily accessible way. Enhanced by her great sense of humour and excellent taste in biscuits.”
JS, East Sussex

“Refreshing mind, body and soul. Lynne’s skills and personal warmth create a gentle space for new possibilities.”
JP, East Sussex

“Great inspiration for my future development even though I am 70 this year!”
GW, East Sussex

“Inspiring, brilliant and fun.”
Elizabeth, East Sussex

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