Menopause Support

I have specialised in offering women information and support at menopause for over 22 years. Drawing on my range of therapies and experience in taking a more natural approach to menopause support. I offer help whether you are in Wales, in Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, or further afield nationally or internationally.

Menopause Support – Why Consider Your Options?

Although a natural and important life stage for women, this time in our lives can bring with it a range of challenges. Both physically and emotionally. We are often given the impression that menopause support is a question of either taking HRT or suffering. And my experience is that women have a much wider range of choices than that.

Many women are not reassured about the risks of taking HRT. With good reason. You can visit HRT – the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea for further information on HRT. Why you might want to consider your options.

Taking a Natural Approach at Menopause

Women often tell me they want straightforward information about menopause. What options they have. And what they can do to help themselves. My aim is to be supportive for every woman I work with. Offering individually tailored menopause support.

  • Understanding what is really happening at menopause
  • Alternative options to HRT
  • Support alongside HRT if you are still experiencing difficult symptoms
  • Help if you need or wish to stop taking HRT
  • Discussing strategies to support long term health – especially bone and heart health

Consultations for Menopause Support

Menopause Coaching – this is a good place to start if you just want to know more about menopause. Appointments are generally an hour (£64). The aim is to share helpful information about how you can help yourself to have a more positive experience of menopause.

Menopause Therapies – initial consultations are usually an hour and a half (£110), and follow-up appointments an hour (£64). This may include any homeopathic pillules prescribed, or hypnotherapy recordings made at appointments.  If you are not based in the UK we can discuss how you can source your remedies as needed.

A limited number of concessionary rate places and fee packages are available. Details upon request.

If you are not sure which option will work best for you, we can arrange an initial free mini-consultation to discuss this. Please contact me to book or with any other queries – thank you.

Online Menopause Support

Both Skype and WhatsApp are widely used and are free to download and use.  I’ve found that most patients find these two of the easiest options for video calls. You can use both on a mobile phone or laptop. The Skype and WhatsApp websites give more information and you can also contact me with any questions you might have.

Menopause Handbook: Menopause, A Heroine’s Journey

My handbook ‘Menopause: A Heroine’s Journey, Powerful Help for Women’ is written for anyone with an interest in the journey and choices available at this point in women’s lives. You can order copies online or phone The Homeopathic Book Company.

Menopause support: A Heroine's Journey

I have also written a number of blogs on Menopause. Taking a more natural approach to the physical and emotional journey at this time in women’s lives. You can find these in Menopause Blog Archives.





Online Menopause Support

Not every woman will feel she needs or wishes to have a drug-based approach to her menopause. Finding out more about the process of menopause and the broader range of options can be so helpful.

If you would like to discuss your options about menopause please contact me. We can arrange an initial free mini-consultation so you can see if my approach might suit you.

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