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Self-Hypnosis to Improve Sports Performance

People use self-hypnosis for many different reasons. Find out how one very determined athlete used it self-hypnosis to improve sports performance in the London-Edinburgh-London Cycle Challenge. Self-Hypnosis for Sports Performance: A Case Study Self-Hypnosis to Improve Sports Performance in Ultra-Endurance Challenge I have known Sheila for a number of years. And her modesty does her Read More


BBC Sussex Radio Interview

There are so many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I thought it would be a great subject to discuss on Allison Ferns BBC Sussex Show in her Sound Advice Slot. So that is where I found myself, sitting opposite Allison talking about hypnotherapy in Lewes. BBC Sussex Talking About Hypnotherapy in Lewes Meeting Read More

can i be hypnotized

Can I be Hypnotized?

Sometimes people would really like to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy but are not sure if they can be hypnotized. In this post I look at who can and who can’t be hypnotized. You May be Asking Yourself: Can I be Hypnotized? I come across a lot of people who are intrigued by the idea Read More

Learning Self-Hypnosis in Lewes

Most people are really surprised to hear that you can learn self-hypnosis in one day! It is possible even with no previous knowledge or experience of using self-hypnosis. And that is what we did on Saturday at St Mary’s Church Hall in Lewes. Thank you to such a great group who came and shared a Read More

nlp timeline technique

NLP Timeline Technique

Would you like to travel through time? The NLP Timeline Technique can be a powerful approach to reach back and offer support to our younger selves and project forwards into our future. In this post I explore why this approach can be so helpful. Why is the NLP Timeline Technique so Useful? The NLP Timeline Read More

Emotional Alchemy image

What Is Emotional Alchemy?

Engulfed by a difficult emotion, we can lose sight of the bigger picture or the value of the emotion as a messenger. How can we create something constructive out of these emotions? In this post I consider the art of emotional alchemy. Why is Emotional Alchemy Useful? We can experience a range of emotions as Read More

hypnotherapy for travel sickness

Hypnotherapy for Travel Sickness

One of the many delights of practising hypnotherapy is the opportunity to help people and make a positive difference to their lives. Find out about how I worked with a patient who suffered from severe travel sickness as she was facing a family sailing holiday, and how hypnotherapy for travel sickness helped. Hypnotherapy for Travel Read More