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About Chantry Health


Chantry Health was founded by Lynne Russell in 2002 after qualifying from a four-year training in homeopathy. As Chantry Homeopathy grew, it felt like a natural progression to broaden the therapeutic tool kit, developing the practice to offer even more support when people felt stuck. Life and Business Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy were added, and Chantry Homeopathy evolved into Chantry Health.

With over 21 years’ experience, Lynne finds people are often drawn to work with her because of the range and depth of therapies she offers. The sessions are tailored to the individual, using the most suitable approach in helping them to move forwards. Read more about Lynne Russell.

In Sussex & via Skype

You can find us at The Cliffe Clinic in Lewes, East Sussex, and also in Barns Green in West Sussex. If you do not live within reach of Sussex, or are outside of the UK, you can now have consultations via Skype. Wherever you are, you can reach Chantry Health.

Creating Breakthroughs

The focus of Chantry Health is you and in supporting you. Whether it is around health, personal or professional development. Working with the core of an issue, whatever it is, can usually help in moving forwards. We continue to evolve to support you in that process.

Contact Us for an initial free phone, Skype or clinic mini-consultation, so you can see if Lynne’s approach might suit you.