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Lynne Russell

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I am Lynne Russell, founder of Chantry Health. I have always been fascinated by what it is to be human! What makes us tick and the challenges we face. What we want out of life. Although it wasn’t always clear at the time, when I look back now I realise my career pathway was always leading right here!

The experience and training I gained during my years in health food retail management and the pharmaceutical industry have been of immense value. The thread that ran through was my interest in people and their stories.

In 1997 I realised I wanted to train to become an alternative health practitioner. Benefits to my own health prompted me to undertake a four-year homeopathic training. The pieces of the jigsaw began to fit together and make sense. It felt like coming home.

As a homeopath, it is all about understanding the whole person. How they had got to where they were. Their struggle and inspiration. Their story.

Transformational Practice

Supporting the transformational potential of difficult times in people’s lives, I wanted to further develop my skills in helping people when they were stuck. I attended a training weekend for NLP Coaching to explore possibilities. Originally being far more interested in the coaching aspect of that weekend I was in for a happy surprise.

Like many I had no idea of the range and depth of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Its potential to support health, happiness and personal development. That year’s training in both Coaching and NLP was transformational for me and within my practice. From there it felt a very natural progression to undertake further training in Hypnotherapy.

As well as my practice, I write, and run workshops and training events. Also teaching and offering supervision to practising homeopaths. Being a full-time practitioner is wonderfully inspiring. It allows me to immerse myself, deepening my knowledge and experience.

Creating the Heroine’s Journey at Menopause

My interest in offering information and support to women at menopause has been there from the outset. But with more experience and resources it continued to build. I wrote my Handbook: ‘Menopause: A Heroine’s Journey, Powerful Help for Women’. I also developed workshops for practitioners and women who want to understand more about this time in our lives.

The Hoffman Process

As part of my on-going Continuing Professional Development I completed the Hoffman Process in 2007. If you are considering this, I offer pre and post process support and would be happy to hear from you.

Contact Lynne Russell for an initial free phone or Skype / WhatsApp mini-consultation so you can see if my approach might suit you.

Lynne Russell – Training & Qualifications

  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner – 2013, The Positive School of Intrinsic Hypnotherapy
  • Fellowship of the Southern College of Homeopathy awarded in 2012
  • Coaching & Mentoring ILM Level 5 Diploma – 2012, UK College of Personal Development (UKCPD)
  • NLP Practitioner – 2011, UKCPD
  • Life & Business Coaching Diploma – 2011, UKCPD
  • Transitions – 2010, ReVision Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis
  • The Hoffman Process – 2007, CPD and self-development retreat
  • Licentiate in Homeopathy – 2002, 4 year training at the South Downs School for Homeopathy. Awarded their Fellowship in 2007 (FSDSHom)

Lynne Russell – Professional Memberships

I am a fully registered member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (MARH).

Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Homeopathy are all endlessly fascinating to study and practise. I enjoy opportunities to meet, develop, learn and share best practice with colleagues.

If you have any questions about Chantry Health and whether my approach might suit you please contact Lynne Russell – thank you.