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I offer homeopathy appointments at both clinics in East and West Sussex, and also Online Homeopathy consultations for those living further afield. 

Homeopathy is one of the most commonly used systems of medicine used today. Well over 200 million people worldwide use homeopathy, and in the UK 12% of the population (equivalent to nearly 8 million people) use homeopathy [1,2,3].

Men and women, from the very young to the elderly use homeopathy. You can see the incredible range of positive testimonials on the Find A Homeopath website to give you an idea of the many ways in which it can be of help.

What is Homeopathy?

Instead of focusing solely on one part of the person, the homeopath views the patient as a whole, working with a profile of specific symptoms and overall health. Homeopaths also understand the importance of considering what has been happening in patients’ lives. People are often pleasantly surprised by the level of detail and analysis that a homeopath works with, taking into account their physical and emotional well-being, as well as their previous health history and significant life events. This enables the homeopath to prescribe individually tailored remedies and give general health and lifestyle advice as appropriate.

The remedies themselves are usually given as tablets or drops, and their method of preparation means that they are safe to take alongside pharmaceutical medicines.

Homeopathy can safely be used during pregnancy, by babies, children and throughout all of life’s stages for men and women. Always consult with your GP and homeopath before changing or discontinuing prescribed medication.

What can I expect?

Once we have met and we have a clearer idea of how we need to progress, I can usually give you an idea of what to expect from your homeopathic treatment. Some people find that they respond very quickly whilst for others it can take more time, depending upon the individual’s situation and profile.

You might find my post What Happens in a Homeopathy Session helps explain more. You can also Contact me for an initial free 15 minute phone or mini-consultation to see if my approach might suit you.


Homeopathy Clinics: Initial Consultations are usually an hour and a half (£110), with follow-up appointments lasting an hour (£64), and this includes the homeopathic pillules prescribed at appointments. Fees payable at the appointment.

Online Homeopathy Sessions: As above with fees being payable in advance and not including remedies. Please contact me for further details.

A limited number of concessionary rate places and flexible fee packages are available within my practice – details available upon request. The professional 4 year course leading to my qualification is recognised by a number of healthcare policy providers, including Simply Health. Patients with these policies can usually reclaim some of their treatment costs.

For Homeopathy Lewes East Sussex contact me and I will be happy to schedule an initial free 15 minute phone, Skype or clinic mini-consultation to see if I might be able to help you.


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[2] Prasad R. Homeopathy booming in India. Lancet, 370:November 17, 2007, 1679-80

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