Surviving the Election – a Homeopathic Remedy Guide!

Wherever you are on the political spectrum, the run up to a general election can feel like a never-ending rollercoaster of oh so many emotions. Here I give you (tongue firmly in cheek) a homeopathic remedy guide to surviving the election.

A Homeopathic Remedy Guide to Surviving the Election!

New to Homeopathy – Welcome!

Homeopathy is an incredible system of medicine that can be used to support people in many different situations – including general elections. You can find out much more about it on my homeopathy page and in my more serious blogs on homeopathy.

homeopathy wales Whilst this is a post to hopefully give you a smile, whether you are new to homeopathy or have used it for years, you may also see ways in which remedies might be of help for you in a variety of situations. Some of these are more constitutional and need to be prescribed by a practitioner, others fall into the realm of first aid remedies and can be taken at home. Please do contact me and I promise not to talk politics (unless you do first!).

General Election induced Conditions

During the run up to this election you may be experiencing a range of symptoms. For each of these we have a range of homeopathic remedies and other support measures but I’ve given some remedy kit examples here just to give you some ideas.

A Homeopathic Remedy Guide to Surviving the Election:

  • Incredulous uncontrollable laughter or weepinghomeopathy electionthe empty promises, we’ve heard all this before! To calm your system Ignatia is a useful homeopathic remedy to have in the tool kit.
  • Premature disappointment – knowing that power seems to appeal to the corruptible. Anticipation – whether it is with anxiety or sadness. Aconite is often used to settle the system.
  • Indignation and rage at the machine – we deserve better, what do they take us for! Staphysagria is a remedy we can use to support us with both suppressed and volcanic rage. Catherine Tate’s wonderful Nan character comes to mind – what a liberty indeed!
  • Despairhomeopathy walessee the points above. It’s almost as if over 200 years ago the father of homeopathy, Hahnemann, knew we would need these remedies. There are hundreds of remedies if not thousands to choose from and if you feel in need, a homeopath can find a tailor-made one for you.
  • Boredom bordering on narcolepsy – luckily, I opted out of TV years ago so have not endured the torture of the orchestrated and biased coverage, but for this and the acres of content-free newsprint you might need a remedy to hand. Phos-Ac is a great remedy for when the bounce has gone out of your bungee and life feels flat.
  • Insomnia – whether it is wondering how it will pan out or what fresh hell will be visited upon us, there are homeopathic remedies for supporting people with insomniaArsen-Alb, Coffea and Nux-Vom amongst them.
  • Nausea – if you have a physical reaction such as this to the ongoing campaigning many remedy kits are stocked with remedies that help with mild food poisoning and morning sickness so they might be helpful here too. Arsen-Alb, Ipecac and Nux-Vom are often used here.

And if you have a strong desire to escape the madness:

homeopath Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion There are remedies to help with these feelings and I can also recommend Pelican Worldwide Travel, in Cardigan and online. Theresa is really helpful in finding the right kind of escape!

Good Prevails

We know that in the end, maybe some way down the tracks, good and justice prevail. It can feel like a slog wading through the primordial slime of an election campaign. Maybe this is the chaos that is needed to give birth to a dancing star…

… that’s what I am running with to stay happy and sane…I hope it helps you too…

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We have thousands of homeopathic remedies to choose from and one of the key points with taking remedies is to take the one that fits you and your situation best. How you take homeopathic remedies is different to pharmaceutical medicines but is straightforward.

I hope this has given you a smile, maybe even the best medicine of a laugh. I’m just writing my next blog “A Day in the Life of a Homeopath”. There are also many other blogs about homeopathy on my website.

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