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Menopause Mood Swings – A Case Study

Menopause mood swings can be one of many challenging symptoms women face at this time in their lives. Find out how taking a natural health approach helped Jane. Can Homeopathy & Hypnotherapy Help with Menopause Mood Swings? Support with Menopause Mood Swings Women see me for all sorts of different reasons around menopause. Sometimes it Read More

Help Breaking Habits Interview on BBC Radio Sussex

Breaking old or unhelpful habits can feel like a bit of battle. Here are some useful self-help tips that we talked about on Allison Ferns BBC Sussex Show in her Sound Advice Slot. You can listen again and read about it here. BBC Sussex Talking About Self Help Tips for Help Breaking Habits Being Back Read More

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

10 Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Have you been told your blood pressure is too high? It is really common, and there are many things you can do to help. Read about 10 natural ways to lower your blood pressure. Are There Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure? High Blood Pressure is a Prompt to Make Changes Very often people Read More

BBC Sussex Radio Interview

There are so many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I thought it would be a great subject to discuss on Allison Ferns BBC Sussex Show in her Sound Advice Slot. So that is where I found myself, sitting opposite Allison talking about hypnotherapy in Lewes. BBC Sussex Talking About Hypnotherapy in Lewes Meeting Read More

Can I be Hypnotized?

Sometimes people would really like to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy but are not sure if they can be hypnotized. In this post I look at who can and who can’t be hypnotized. You May be Asking Yourself: Can I be Hypnotized? I come across a lot of people who are intrigued by the idea Read More

Learning Self-Hypnosis in Lewes

Most people are really surprised to hear that you can learn self-hypnosis in one day! It is possible even with no previous knowledge or experience of using self-hypnosis. And that is what we did on Saturday at St Mary’s Church Hall in Lewes. Thank you to such a great group who came and shared a Read More

nlp timeline technique

NLP Timeline Technique

Would you like to travel through time? The NLP Timeline Technique can be a powerful approach to reach back and offer support to our younger selves and project forwards into our future. In this post I explore why this approach can be so helpful. Why is the NLP Timeline Technique so Useful? The NLP Timeline Read More

Emotional Alchemy image

What Is Emotional Alchemy?

Engulfed by a difficult emotion, we can lose sight of the bigger picture or the value of the emotion as a messenger. How can we create something constructive out of these emotions? In this post I consider the art of emotional alchemy. Why is Emotional Alchemy Useful? We can experience a range of emotions as Read More

meditation vs self hypnosis

Meditation vs Self-Hypnosis – What’s the difference?

I am often asked what’s the difference between meditation and self-hypnosis. They both offer benefits and it is a case of finding what works best for you. At my workshops I share how easy, quick to learn, and beneficial self-hypnosis can be to use. Meditation vs Self-Hypnosis – the similarities Ultimately we all want similar Read More

hypnotherapy for travel sickness

Hypnotherapy for Travel Sickness

One of the many delights of practising hypnotherapy is the opportunity to help people and make a positive difference to their lives. Find out about how I worked with a patient who suffered from severe travel sickness as she was facing a family sailing holiday, and how hypnotherapy for travel sickness helped. Hypnotherapy for Travel Read More