meditation vs self hypnosis

Meditation vs Self-Hypnosis – What’s the difference?

I am often asked what’s the difference between meditation and self-hypnosis. They both offer benefits and it is a case of finding what works best for you. At my workshops I share how easy, quick to learn, and beneficial self-hypnosis can be to use.

Meditation vs Self-Hypnosis – the similarities

Ultimately we all want similar things – happiness, a sense of inner calm, clarity and purpose, feeling whole and connected.

Meditation and self-hypnosis both help increase inner calm and improve physical and mental well-being. Beyond the obvious there are many benefits to our physical health when we are more relaxed. In Brainwaves in Hypnotherapy I explain the shifts in our brainwave activity as we enter into a place of inner focus and relaxation – and this can be achieved using both self-hypnosis and meditation.

The Key Differences Between Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

  • meditation vs self-hypnosis 2With self-hypnosis we usually have a direction or goal. There is a specific outcome in mind and the actual process of the self-hypnosis can be directed and designed to help achieve that. The goal can be as simple as relaxation, or focus on areas such as coping with anxiety, insomnia, boosting confidence, making better decisions. Working with a particular issue or goal in this state offers us the opportunity of making the most of being in that zone.
    • Making your busy brain work for you.  Both approaches use the mind – meditation in finding, returning to and staying in stillness, focusing on the breath for example. As Self-hypnosis is usually working towards a specific goal, we use our minds to focus by following a pathway – a story, image or sensation that we focus upon so that we can give ourselves to and become the process. We can actually use rather than battle with our minds to facilitate getting into that state of flow.
    • Updating Inner Resources.  When we are in a trance state, in self-hypnosis or meditation, we are more open to updating old patterns of thinking and behaving, and finding more positive and creative ways of living. But if we are working with a particular issue or goal, as in self-hypnosis, we can take the opportunity to make the most of being in that zone to make changes. meditation vs self-hypnosis 3
  • Accessing More of Our Inner Wisdom. Einstein understood the value of treasure chest that lies within and used hypnotherapy to explore and develop his ideas. It is thought that he developed his Theory of Relativity during self-hypnosis.
  • With meditation people are usually more aware of what is involved. The initial questions here are more around how to get started and to then use it enough to get the benefits of regular practice.
  • There can be misunderstanding about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Sometimes people might feel apprehensive about ‘being hypnotised’ or hypnotising themselves. The two most common queries I encounter are: will they still be in control (yes you will be) and can they get stuck in trance (and no you won’t be). You can find out more about the process of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis on my Hypnotherapy page.
  • How quickly can you learn and feel the benefit? I know for some people they can meditate and access their inner resources in this way, but for me personally, I found I could access more much earlier on in the process with self-hypnosis than with meditation.

Meditation Vs Self-Hypnosis – it Does Not Have to be Either/Or!

It feels overly simplistic to present this as meditation vs self-hypnosis “which is best”, and is more useful to consider the merits of each and how they can support us the most. We are all different and what we need and what will help us varies at different times in our lives. Some people prefer meditation and that works for them, others want to access the tools of self-hypnosis.

meditation vs self-hypnosis 4I have found people who have experience of meditation can usually access the benefits of self-hypnosis quickly, but even those completely new to self-hypnosis can pick up the basics fairly easily. I offer one-day events and workshops which give people enough information and practical help to start using this amazing life resource straight away.

Because I clicked with hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis I wouldn’t want you to think I was biased, well alright, perhaps a tiny bit! But do what works for you. If you are not sure, enjoy the freedom of exploration and try different approaches, so you can build into your life a framework that supports and nourishes you.

I hope you have found this post on meditation vs self-hypnosis to be helpful. You may also find some of my other blog posts on Self-Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to be of interest. If you are interested in learning this incredible life tool I run events and workshops and can also teach you one-to-one at my clinics. Please do contact me to book or with any queries.