BBC Sussex Radio Interview

There are so many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I thought it would be a great subject to discuss on Allison Ferns BBC Sussex Show in her Sound Advice Slot. So that is where I found myself, sitting opposite Allison talking about hypnotherapy in Lewes.

BBC Sussex Talking About Hypnotherapy in Lewes

Meeting Allison on the Big Bus Tour in Sussex

I know I am biased, but I find the whole area of hypnosis and hypnotherapy absolutely fascinating. So often people ask me questions about it which confirm that what most people know about it comes from stage and TV shows. Which is a shame because this Lynne with Allison Ferns BBC Sussexdoes not represent what happens in a therapeutic setting.

Thinking around this I decided to contact our local BBC station – BBC Sussex. Allison’s show seemed perfect as she has guests on a wide range of subjects. We booked the date but I had not met her and thought it would be great to say hello when she came to Petworth on the Big Bus Tour this summer. It was a sweltering day and it was lovely to meet her in person. I marvelled at how the outdoor broadcast team and Allison just take everything in their stride to bring us a lively, fun and relevant show.

Being in Brighton at BBC Sussex

bbc radio sussex jenny dayHaving already spoken with Allison’s lovely producer Jenny Day, it was really nice to meet her too. The team are great and very welcoming. Especially appreciated by me as it was my first radio interview.

Allison’s opening questions were around what hypnosis actually is, when and how can it help. Possibly the most common query people have around hypnotherapy is question of being in control. And the short answer is yes, you are. If we really could “put people under” and brainwash them, then the government we be sending hypnotherapists into to prisons to convince everyone not to commit crime. The prisons and police cells would then be empty!

If you are curious about some of the frequently asked questions we talked about, you can also look on my page for more answers.

Earlier in the show Allison had been discussing a Channel 4 documentary which would be showing tapes of Princess Diana recorded during voice coaching sessions. We talked about how this was surprising. One would expect there to have been a professional obligation of confidentiality on the part of the practitioner. As a hypnotherapist I am a fully registered member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP which sets standards of training, practice and a code of ethics to adhere to, including confidentiality.

The question around “is this all just the placebo effect” came up and it was great to have the opportunity to talk about how hypnosis was used in operations before Chloroform was invented.

Hypnosis was approved for medical use in the UK by the British Medical Association in 1955, and by the American Medical Association in 1958. It has a long and fascinating history. And effects that have been noted for centuries are now being borne out by research and trial work.

chantry health at bbc radio sussexWe had some lovely calls and queries around nail biting, sleep issues, needle phobia and childhood memories. Thank you to all of you, it was so nice to think there were people out there listening and being interested.

Allison asked me what I saw most of in practice in Lewes, and it is hard to pin down because everyone is so different and issues present differently. But anxiety and insomnia are both really common. And as a practitioner specialising in menopause both of these can come up a lot in their different ways. Interestingly, one can also use hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis to help with hot flushes!

I also love using hypnotherapy to support confidence, creativity, working with phobias and helping with unhelpful habits. It is such an incredibly versatile way of offering help and support for people and I enjoy the huge range of areas that we work with.

It Flew By!

chantry health at bbc radio sussexA huge thank you to Allison and Jenny, and all behind the scenes at BBC Sussex.

It is such a professional and friendly set up. Like all professionals they make it look easy. When you get into the studio and see how much they juggle yet keep that smooth flow to the programme, it is impressive.



Listen again…

I would love to hear from you if you have any feedback about the radio interview or questions about hypnotherapy. I see patients at both Lewes in East Sussex and Barns Green in West Sussex, and offer a free mini-consultation so that you can come and meet me to see if my approach might suit you. Please do
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