Learning Self-Hypnosis in Lewes

Most people are really surprised to hear that you can learn self-hypnosis in one day! It is possible even with no previous knowledge or experience of using self-hypnosis. And that is what we did on Saturday at St Mary’s Church Hall in Lewes. Thank you to such a great group who came and shared a lovely day.

What Happens at a Self-Hypnosis Workshop?

Our Workshop Day in Lewes

St Mary's Church Hall in LewesAfter introductions, one of our first exercises we did was to give everyone the experience of going into a short and light hypnotic state. Just sitting and listing to hypnotherapy music with me guiding them into a place of relaxation and focus.


In essence that is all trance is, a very natural state of deep relaxation for the body and dreaming for the mind. And it can be reassuring to actually experience this and realise you are still very much in control, and that how you use this resourceful state is up to you!

self hypnosis lewesWe then looked at why self-hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, work and how to get into the zone. Having this day together in Lewes meant there was plenty of time to practise using the technique and to ask questions; which means people could feel more confident about using it once back home.

And thank you for people’s lovely feedback, here are some of the kind words people said about the day.

self hypnosis lewes 2“The whole day was one of informative, supportive discussion of self-hypnosis and its application to personal and professional beliefs and experiences. Lynne makes sure we are all feeling happy with our understanding, and I know I can now use what I have learnt to improve and shape my life to be the way I want it to be. Thank you Lynne.”      R.O. Surrey

“I knew nothing about self-hypnosis but by the end of the day felt I could go home and start using my own regimen. Very clear and so much information – thank you Lynne!”  L.N. East Sussex

Time for Tea…and cake!

self hypnosis foldersMost people have such busy lives and as part of aiming to provide a relaxing and enjoyable day for all there, I provide folders that have handouts, memory jogger sheets and a CD.  Which means people don’t need to worry about remembering everything or taking lots of notes.

It is always really enjoyable meeting and talking with people from Lewes and further afield, sharing ideas and information…and cake! Thank you all.

 If you are interested in future events and learning how to use this incredible life tool I run workshops, and I also offer hypnotherapy & teach self-hypnosis one-to-one at my clinics in Lewes and Barns Green. Please do contact me for more information or with any queries.