Life Coaching Workshops in Sussex

Life Coaching can be an incredibly supportive way to help you move forwards in your life. To overcome obstacles and work on new projects. At home, at work, and in your creative life. There are many tools and resources that I like to share at Life Coaching Workshops so that people can be their own life coach. And recently we enjoyed a lovely day at Hollytree Healing Centre in Barns Green.

Life Coaching Workshops in Sussex 

Being Your Own Life Coach

Once we had all gathered at the peaceful setting at Hollytree Healing Centre we began by considering what coaching is. One of my favourite definitions of life coaching is that is can help us get out of our own way! The idea being to give us tools and a mindset that support us in moving forwards.

For this workshop I had prepared colour-coded handout folders that meant it was easy to see the different sections as we moved through the day. And to refer to them again at home later.

Perhaps one important aspect to keep in mind is that we all have blind spots. If you are being your own life coach and still find yourself feeling stuck then it might be a good idea to enlist some additional support.

What is NLP Coaching?

As an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach I find these two approaches dovetail wonderfully. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) offers us ways to update old patterns of thinking and behaving so adding that dimension to coaching gives it extra depth. I describe it as a way to turbo charge coaching!

Life Coaching Workshop – Our Day

We covered a range of topics from how to create goals effectively, managing blocks and obstacles through to creating positive mindsets and accessing our creativity. As well as creating an understanding of the background we also made sure there was plenty of opportunity to discuss the practicalities of how to apply these coaching tools.

“Thank you Lynne, very clear theory with lots of practical exercises that you can take away and develop at home. Very inspiring and full of good tips.”  LB, East Sussex 

“Having a whole day devoted to understanding goal setting and achieving with such clear, concise and thought-provoking information was fantastic.”  SH, West Sussex

Feeding the Inner Life Coach!

At lunchtime we all enjoyed a stroll around the lane to Sumners Ponds Café by the Lake for a very tasty and relaxing lunch. Nice to have a break and a change of gear. And in the afternoon tea break we were lucky enough to have a wonderful lemon cake provided by Emily – thank you. It was sublime and I am really hoping she will be coming to future Chantry Health Workshops.


Life Coaching and Building Resources

There are so many different NLP and Coaching tools that it was quite a challenge to decide which ones to include in this Life Coaching Workshop. I decided to share ones that were accessible and practical in a wide range of situations. You also can find a whole range of informative blogs in both the Coaching Blog Archives and the NLP Blogs too.

Kind Words and Thank You

You can read the kind words people said about this workshop and it was a pleasure to spend a day with them all – thank you.

 “A thought-provoking, inspirational and informative day full of “golden nuggets” to take away and think about. Some really useful insights into how coaching works and how helpful and empowering it is.”  SF, West Sussex

“A very enjoyable and thought-provoking day. Having been vague about NLP it was brought to life in a very practical and understandable way for use in one’s everyday life. Lynne is a wonderful teacher and uses great humour to impart her wisdom.”  CM, London

Life Coaching Workshops and Sessions

If one-to-one Life Coaching sessions interest you I offer appointments at both Hollytree Healing Centre in Barns Green and The Cliffe Clinic in Lewes in East Sussex. And Skype is also an option if you are out of reach of Sussex. Please do contact me for an initial mini-appointment to see if my approach might suit you.

You can stay in the loop about upcoming Workshops and Events by signing up for the Chantry Health Newsletter. Thank you and I hope to catch up with you at a workshop soon.