self-help menopause workshops

Self-Help Menopause Workshops

Many women don’t know what is happening at menopause and what they can do to support themselves at this time. Self-help strategies can make a difference to the kind of menopause we have as well as to our long-term health. Find out more about Self-Help Menopause Workshops in Sussex.

Self-Help Menopause Workshops in Lewes

Sharing Valuable Information About Menopause

Self-Help Menopause Workshops 1As someone who has specialised in offering information and support to women at menopause for over 16 years, I have gathered a lot of information and experience. I have been sharing this with colleagues and mixed groups, discussing the benefits of taking a natural approach to menopause for a long time. But I have not run self-help menopause workshops exclusively for the general public for years!

It was a delight then to run a workshop with a lovely group in Lewes, East Sussex. We focused solely on self-help at menopause. Even with all that is being discussed in the media about menopause, I don’t come across much that offers women clear and constructive self-help advice. Much less a positive framework for viewing menopause.

This is a large part of why I offer workshops generally, and to offer exclusively self-help menopause workshops too. This day was all about addressing we could do to support our physical health, menopausal issues and creating an empowering framework for menopause and beyond.

Menopause – Find Out What Nobody Else Tells You!

Self-Help Menopause Workshops 2Women often tell me they wish they had known more about what is happening at menopause. And what straightforward self-help measures they could have used. It might have meant they had an easier time of things. For some it might have meant they did not need HRT, anti-depressants, etc.

If you know more about your hormonal health and how to support the balance, you are better placed to take care of yourself at this time. It is after all, a natural life stage for women. We are designed to go through and beyond menopause. Emerging on the other side as wise women!

That information is here and available for everyone interested in self-help at menopause. Shared at these workshops as well as my ever-expanding range of Menopause Blogs.

Time for Questions About Menopause

As well as looking at our hormonal landscapes and how to support them, we also had plenty of time for questions. Some questions came up that everyone was curious about:

  • When you go through menopause does that mean you have no oestrogen?
  • Is testing hormone levels a good idea?
  • What happens when I stop taking HRT – do I have another menopause?
  • Does HRT help with osteoporosis?
  • Is a fasting diet good for me at menopause?
  • What about soya – is that a good idea?
  • There are so many supplements, which do I need?
  • Which herbs are helpful, and should I use just one or a few?
  • How can I look at menopause as a positive life stage?

The answers are not always what you might have thought! And it was ideal that it was a perfect size of group with enough time to share information and discuss everyone’s questions as they came up.

Taking a Break at Menopause

At these days it is also lovely to be with other women who are approaching or in the peri-menopause. Hearing different experiences and ideas can be really supportive, as well as the actual content of the workshop itself.

Self-Help Menopause Workshops 4At lunch we talked about a recent marketing campaign “Me No Pause”. The idea perhaps being that we are to all blindly keep on in our hectic modern whirlwind. It reminded me of the old TV adverts for tampons where women in white jumpsuits were parachuting and other very sporty activities. No quarter given, just pretend it isn’t happening and carry on.

Some of us felt that part of the gift of menopause is to “pause”. To consider and take stock. How life is, what might benefit from an update or change. Within ourselves and our lives. It is part of our story, our journey as women – our heroine’s journey through the menopause.

The Value of Self-Help at Menopause

It was a lovely group. Great to share information that I hope will support the women there in making informed decisions about their health and happiness. There is no perfect blueprint for everybody. We each need to tailor what we do to suit the women we are. And there is a huge amount we can do ourselves to have a better time at menopause and beyond.

Our bodies are designed to give us feedback about how we are living and the choices we make. But sometimes in the madness of this white jumpsuit world, we forget to tune in and trust the truth of our own experience.

Self-Help Menopause Workshops 5St Mary’s Church Hall in Lewes is a peaceful and relaxed place to gather. Thank you to all those who came, and here are some of the kind words people said about the day.

“Lynne was an inspiration – she clearly knows her stuff and backs up her approach with a wide knowledge of the subject of menopause, all backed up with evidence as well as her many years of experience as a natural therapist. A fantastic day that all women experiencing their first symptoms of the menopause can get a lot out of, helping us to take good decisions about how we look after ourselves through this natural life stage.” NF, East Sussex.

“Attending Lynne’s workshop was very inspiring.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day as it was super informative whilst being carried out in a lovely relaxed environment.  All in all the day contained the most interesting information I have received to date about the menopause with a great structure allowing each participant to walk away with a realistic game plan.”  TH, East Sussex.  

I found the menopause day with Lynne Russell a very informative and supportive day. Lynne outlined the basis of what is going on at menopause but then guided us through what changes we can start to make to improve our health. Lynne listened and responded well to questions. I felt that she has helped me to be more empowered in understanding and responding to my overall wellbeing.”  SK, East Sussex.

Help at Menopause

If you are interested in these Self-Help Menopause Workshops in either West or East Sussex, you can find details on upcoming days on the Chantry Health Events page. You can also make sure you stay in the loop by signing up to my Practice Newsletters.

There is plenty of information about menopause to be found on my website too. And if you feel you would like one-to-one information and support, I work from clinics in Lewes and Barns Green, and via Skype. I offer a free mini-appointment to see if my approach might be helpful for you. Please do contact me – thank you.