Homeopathic Remedies for Gardeners

Muscle aches and pains, insect bites and nettle stings, are just a few of the potential perils awaiting the gardener. Read about my favourite homeopathic remedies for gardeners.

Homeopathic Remedies for Gardeners – My Selection

homeopathic remedies gardeners 1Why this gardener loves her homeopathic remedies!

As I spend more time in the garden, I am very grateful for homeopathy. There are so many times when, for me personally, a remedy saves the day. Reflecting on this as I grappled with nettles, battled bindweed and rampant hedges, I wanted to share my experience of some of the remedies that have helped me.

My Top Homeopathic Remedies for Gardeners

  • Arnica – if you only have one remedy to hand, this is the one to have! Many people have heard about it being used when you injure or bruise yourself, and that is certainly one of the times when I will reach for it. But I have also found it to be helpful when I have strained muscles from doing too much in the garden. You can find out more about Arnica and see if it sounds helpful for you too.
  • Apis-mel – I may take this if I am stung or bitten and it becomes red, swollen and angry. There are many remedies for bites and stings, depending upon how you react.
  • Hypericum – this is useful if I have a puncture wound or cut myself, especially if it is in a place that is very sensitive like finger tips. Hypericum can also be helpful for bites and stings too.
  • Rhus-tox – I combine this with Ruta-grav and Arnica to help if I feel stiff and achy after doing a lot in the garden. The Arnica helps with muscular aches. Rhus-tox with stiff joints that feel worse when you wake up the next day, or have been sitting for a while afterwards. We call it the rusty hinge remedy as the pain and stiffness is worse for that initial movement but improves a bit as you get moving again. And Ruta-grav also helps me, especially if I feel I may have strained tendons and ligaments. If it has been particularly busy day in the garden, I may take this before bed to lessen the aches the next morning. Read more about Rhus-tox and Ruta, and how people use them.
  • Urtica-urens – this remedy is made from the stinging nettle, and is a great example of “like curing like” one of homeopathy’s core principles. I may not be able to claim that my garden is home to the national rose collection, but it could be in the runner up in the nettle collection. I leave some for the butterflies, but there always seem to be more popping up to surprise me. I find Urtica-urens also helps me if I have a heat rash that itches and burns.

chalk-homeopathic remedies for gardenersWe often have different homeopathic remedies for a particular situation, such as insect stings or injuries. And that is because each remedy has a its own profile – variations on that situation and how someone responds. And you need to match the remedy profile to what is happening for you.

How to Take Homeopathic Remedies?

Once you have decided which remedy or combination to take, pick a strength that suits you. If you are new to homeopathy, start with low potencies such as 6c. You can increase the strength as you see how you respond and as you become more confident with your remedy selection.

You can find answers to common questions in my post how to take homeopathic remedies. If you are not sure or have any questions about using homeopathic remedies for gardeners do contact me and if you would like to make sure you don’t miss future blogs you can make sure you are signed up to the Chantry Health Newsletter.

 Enjoying Your Garden!

homeopathic remedies for gardeners 3Gardening can be a very happy and healthy pastime, but there can be a temptation to do too much in one go. My osteopath is usually very busy after a spring or summer Bank Holiday weekend when we all throw ourselves into reclaiming the wilderness. The trick, I am told, is to pace ourselves!

And to then find a moment or two to relax and savour the fruits of your labours…enjoy!

I hope you have found this post about homeopathic remedies for gardeners to be of interest. If you would like to book an initial free 15 minute phone or mini-consultation to see if my approach might suit you, please do contact me. I see patients in clinic at Lewes and Barns Green in Sussex, and also via Skype.