Making Time for Menopause: Workshops in Lewes

Menopause is being talked about more. But how much do you actually know about what is happening hormonally, and what you can do to have a better time about menopause? Find out why everyone needs to be making time for menopause.

Taking a Natural Approach at Menopause – Workshops

Making Time for Menopause in Lewes

20171007_170543It was great to spend a day in Lewes with everyone who had made time to come and discover more about menopause. A lovely mix of practitioners and women who wanted to know more about supporting ourselves at this time.

Much has changed in the last few years. Menopause is not the taboo subject that it used to be, thank goodness. But many women still have little idea of what happens hormonally and the knock on effects. The information shared in the media seems to be fairly negative, giving the impression that menopause is a nightmare. And often leaves out important and empowering aspects of the process.

Sadly, from what I witness, the information and approaches offered within the medical system are less than inspiring too. Few seem well informed or have the time to share useful information. And those with a specialism often only seem to offer powerful drugs or surgery as options.

Wonderful then to spend a day sharing information about how our bodies are designed to go through and beyond menopause, and that there are natural approaches and remedies for menopause we can use to support ourselves.

Thinking of Those Women Not There

We had a good size of group and there is always a lot of interest in these workshops. It really struck me this time how many women had been in touch and were keen to attend, but were unable to come. Variously they were looking after children, caring for parents, working – juggling ever busy lives.

Perhaps understandably many are not driven to find out more ahead of arriving at this life stage. Often there are too many other pressures, challenges and delights pulling us in all directions. And, with perfect timing, at the point at which we arrive at peri-menopause life is as hectic as ever, and we are unprepared.

20181013_134423But what if more women could possibly find a moment to put their present and future health needs higher up in the list of family priorities. We can become more informed and better prepared, and the path ahead has the potential to be so much smoother. We can model self-care to our sons and daughters – a gift for their future health and happiness.

So to those who could not make it or have yet to explore, I invite you to come to these menopause workshops. To bring your friends, sisters, work colleagues, daughters and their friends. Every women must surely benefit from knowing more, and how to prepare and support herself once there. She is not then thrown into a menopausal maelstrom, and left feeling that a powerful steroid drug like HRT is her only option when it may not be necessary.

And for Their Partners

Menopause will often have an impact upon our relationships. The more a woman knows there more she can choose to share with her partner. And, as in most aspects of life, better understanding and communication offer us ways forwards.

It is rare that someone’s partner comes along. And it was great to have Paul there. He was sensitive to this being a day for practitioners wanting to offer more to their patients, and to the women there to discover more about self-help at menopause.

For Paul he was interested in finding out more so he could support his wife but also so he could work towards encouraging other men to understand the menopause.

“It’s a taboo subject for a lot of men but what is happening to their wife or partner can have a significant impact on their relationship and the well-being of both parties. I’m keen to encourage men to open up and understand the menopause and, as with childbirth, make the menopause a shared experience that can bring closeness rather than distance to couples and their families.” Paul, East Sussex

He also raised a really good point, that sometimes, coming from a place of not knowing, partners can add to the pressure but suggesting why don’t they simply take HRT? Thinking it would solve all the problems. But as we know, there are risks of side effects from taking HRT and problems when you stop HRT.

Thank You for Making Time for Menopause

20181013_092648Thank you to all those who came, it was a lovely group. We covered a lot of ground, it is a vast and fascinating subject. From hormonal balance, support strategies and long term issues such as heart and bone health – it was a very full day.

And thank you for people’s lovely feedback. Here are some of the kind words people said about the day.

“Lovely day, fun, full, easy flowing and lots of information.”  K.D. East Sussex

“A very informative day to help empower you as a woman to look after yourself, and what and who you care for!”  S.K. East Sussex

“An enjoyable day with so much useful and inspirational information. All menopausal women and the men in their lives should attend this course. There is hope!” L.R. East Sussex

“Warm, inclusive and entertaining! Thanks Lynne for a very informative day.” E.M. Hampshire

I hope this has encouraged you to make time for menopause. It has the potential to be a positive time of transition in a woman’s life. You can read more about previous Menopause Workshops in Lewes, and find details on upcoming days on the Chantry Health Events page.

There is plenty of information about menopause to be found on my website too. And if you feel you would like one-to-one information and support, I work from clinics in Lewes and Barns Green, and via Skype. I offer a free mini-appointment to see if my approach might be helpful for you. Please do contact me – thank you.