Homeopathic Constitutional Remedies

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have your own individually tailored tonic? In this post I explain what homeopathic constitutional remedies are. And why they are the Holy Grail for homeopaths and their patients.

What Are Homeopathic Constitutional Remedies?

The Difference Between Acute and Constitutional Remedies

We have around 4000 homeopathic remedies to call on. They are made from a range a sources. From plants such as Arnica and minerals like calcium. Each with their own profile of physical and emotional characteristics. They vary in their realm and depth of action. Remedies can be taken for acute conditions or for deeper constitutional support.

homeopathic constitutional remedies 1The acute remedies are for passing problems. Such as Arnica for minor sports injuries. Or for minor self-limiting conditions such as in a cold or flu.

Your constitutional remedy will be the one that fits the whole picture for you at a given point in time. It is a genuinely holistic approach. Chosen to take into account the many different aspects of your health. This will usually act more deeply than a remedy for an acute condition.

A Constitutional Remedy

Your constitutional remedy reflects your personal and medical history. Including what has happened in your life and how you are responding. As well as the things that make each of us who we are.

People may see a homeopath for the same reason, maybe menopause or trouble sleeping. But as each of those people are individuals we may use different remedies to reflect that.

Our constitutional remedy can change throughout our lives. I believe we have a few core remedies that we go to as life sometimes pushes us into different spaces. So different remedies can be useful at different times.

homeopathic constitutional remedies 2Many self-help books will often have a fairly brief description of a remedy. This can be sufficient for using remedies in minor acute conditions. But a homeopath will work from professional Materia Medicas that have pages of detail for remedies. We take into account more aspects of the individual than is required in the instance of a minor ailment. But these books are fairly hefty tomes. Generally more than a home prescriber needs.

You can learn more about using remedies for everyday ailments in Miranda Castro’s Complete Homeopathy Handbook.

The Role of the Homeopath

When you have your first homeopathy session with a homeopath they will take you through a detailed process. Aiming to gain a real understanding of what it is like to be you. They will then seek to find the remedy that matches best to prescribe your homeopathic constitutional remedy. At follow up appointments the goal is to review and to update the prescription.

Can I Work Out My Own Constitutional Remedy?

When I tell people I have my own homeopath they are often surprised. They expect me to treat myself. And for minor ailments I do. But it is because the constitutional remedy is so all encompassing and works so deeply that we need to see someone who can see us objectively.

I find there is profound value in the consultation itself. It is a space in which to review. To explore and move forwards. How easy it is in most people’s hectic lives to find ourselves forever on the hamster wheel. We can benefit from the clarity we find when we pause to take stock.

Why Are Constitutional Remedies So Important?

Homeopathic Constitutional Remedies flowerA constitutional prescription aims to help your system centre itself. To  gather and strengthen your resources.

In a culture that defines health by disease labels this is not always an easy concept to explain . We approach it from the other side. By supporting the constitution to do what it needs to do. Put simply, the aim is for it to be an individually tailored tonic.

Curious to Know What Your Remedy is?

I share with my patients what I believe their constitutional remedies are. And why we are using them at that particular point in time. I think it is the greatest gift homeopathy has to offer. A remedy that respects and meets you as an individual. Without judgement to help support you in your life.

I hope you have found this post on Homeopathic Constitutional Remedies to be of interest. I see people at clinics in both West and East Sussex, and also via Skype. Please do contact me to book a free mini-consultation to see if my approach might suit you.