Menopause – a Positive Conversation in Lewes!

Many menopausal conversations tend to focus on the negatives. Or we find that people don’t want to talk about it at all! How refreshing to have a positive conversation about menopause in East Sussex at The Depot Cinema in Lewes. Read more to enjoy some of the positives of menopause!

Space for a Positive Conversation About Menopause

Let’s Talk About Menopause at The Depot Cinema in Lewes

menopause talk lewes 1I thought it was a great idea when Carmen Slijpen, Lewes Depot Cinema’s Director and Programmer, approached me to let me know about their Let’s Talk About film series. To run films with a particular theme and then host a discussion afterwards. And, to tie in with “I Got Life” she suggested we host a discussion about menopause.

Menopausal Chords!

“I Got Life” is a delightful film, worth seeing. The brilliant bitter-sweet observational films that the French do so very well. And many of the film’s themes struck a chord with the audience. From the challenges of some of the physical aspects such as night sweats and hot flushes to more complex issues about how we see ourselves. And the changes in how we are viewed and valued by society at large.

There were many telling scenes in the film such as our heroine Aurore’s visit to her doctor only to be blind-sided by medical terminology. Effectively reducing her as whole woman to a change in reproductive potential. As he would not recommend HRT for her there was nothing. Offering no positive support, just get used to it and live with it. Ooh la la! Had he not heard of taking a natural approach to menopause!

With changes at work and home, Aurore navigates the changing landscape of her relationships, finding happiness and expression as the woman she is maturing into.

Menopause – a Positive Conversation

After the film Carmen and team swung into action and set up the stage, and we talked about menopause! It was a fascinating discussion and thank you to all those who came and contributed.

menopause talk lewes 2We discussed the themes in the film and how it can also be a positive time of transition. How the dialogue needs to evolve beyond the medical terminology, when it can become disheartening and disempowering.

I talked a bit about how I also understood that it was no good waxing lyrical about the positive journey women can undertake if they were really struggling with the physical symptoms of menopause. There needs to be help with this first. If you can’t sleep for night sweats, function for hot flushes, mood swings or feeling fuzzy headed – you need support. And it is possible to take a natural approach to menopause. I believe it does not need to become medicalised for most women. You can read about how I helped a lovely Sussex woman struggling with some really intense menopausal symptoms, including mood swings, in my next blog – coming soon to a screen near you!

Menopause – a Time to Take Stock

I was struck by the appetite for a positive conversation about menopause. And here in Lewes, and beyond, I am sure many women feel the conversation needs to be broader than simply whether to take HRT or not. (Spoiler alert – avoid it if you possibly can!). There are so many ways you can find support and rebalance. At first on the physical level, allowing you to restore equilibrium. Then finding perhaps the real and often missed opportunity that menopause offers us – a pause to take stock of our lives.

menopause talk lewes 3Thank you to Carmen, Dino and all the team at The Depot Cinema in Lewes. And the lovely audience I met there. It is a lovely venue and a fabulous resource for the community in Lewes and the area.

If this film or discussion struck a chord with you, or you feel you would like to explore taking a natural approach at menopause, please do contact me. I run workshops in Lewes, and see patients at both Lewes in East Sussex and Barns Green in West Sussex, and also via Skype.