Chantry Health – Rounding Up the Year!

Another busy year in practice offering homeopathy, hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching in clinic and via Skype. Seeing even more women for menopause support. And offering a wider range of workshops across Sussex with plans for more. Read more about what Chantry Health offers you.

Year Highlights & Looking Forwards

Thank You – You Make Chantry Health What It Is!

blackboard-board-close-up-908301It has been another very busy year, seeing even more of you at The Cliffe Clinic in Lewes and Hollytree Healing Centre in Barns Green. And catching up with more of you from further afield in the UK and beyond via Skype, which works really well. If you are not within reach of one of my clinics you can read about how Skype Consultations work and please do contact me if you have any queries.

It has been busy on all fronts with many people wanting to combine therapies, homeopathy and hypnotherapy for example. Using more and different tools in the kit can be useful. It is all about creating the change. I love an expression I heard years ago, which is along the lines of “when you get to the top of a ladder you don’t ask which rung got you there”!

So thank you to you all for your continued interest in and support of Chantry Health. My aim is to see the practice continue to grow and evolve with you and for you. Thank you.

Free Resources from Chantry Health

boxes-christmas-christmas-gifts-744970Did you know that there is now an extensive catalogue of informational blogs on my website that you can access for free? For each of my core therapy areas you can find information about the therapy itself, answers to frequently asked questions, as well as support and self-help information for a wide range of situations.

If you have not discovered this resource yet, you can click on the links to bring up a list for each area:

·         Coaching

·         Homeopathy

·         Hypnotherapy

·         Menopause

·         NLP

I also have some new ideas for next year so do watch this space, and as ever, let me know if something particularly interests you and you would like more information, resources, etc.

Menopause Workshops in Lewes

20181013_092648It seems like a very long time ago that snow meant we had to reschedule the March Workshop for Taking a Natural Approach at Menopause. Instead we had a lovely day in April, and then again in October, when we made time for menopause. And thank you to all those who made it along.

It really struck me both times how often there are women who really want to come and who need to come to find out how they can help themselves at menopause, but their needs are subsumed by everyone-else’s. If I could have a Christmas wish it would be that more women would give themselves permission and the time they need to support their present and future health and happiness.

Next year we are planning a day just for the general public to come and find out more about menopause. This day will be all about self-help measures. What you really do need to know and probably won’t find out from the TV! The provisional date is Saturday 9th February at St Mary’s Church Hall in Lewes. Do keep in the loop via the Chantry Health Newsletter for the confirmation and details and let me know if this interests you.

There will also be seminars for practitioners in Bexhill, Lewes and Dublin. If you are a practitioner, in any discipline, and would like to know more about menopause and how you can be of even more help to your patients, please do contact me.

Relax & Reboot with Self-Hypnosis Workshops in Sussex

20181201_102024I have run a number of workshops teaching self-hypnosis in Lewes in East Sussex, and it was long overdue to enjoy these at Hollytree Healing Centre in Barns Green. We had a super time at our days there in November and December, and thank you to all the lovely people who came along.

Hollytree is a really peaceful setting for a workshop, and for lunch we can pop over to Sumners Ponds Café. The next one will run in Barns Green on Saturday 27th April. As it is a small group do let me know asap if you would like to come.

20181201_125207People are often amazed at how easy self-hypnosis is to learn, and how versatile it is. You can use it as support for virtually anything! For things you don’t want – anxiety, stress, insomnia, digestive problems and hot flushes for example. And for the things you do – focus, creativity, relaxation, better sleep, confidence….

It is funny, I think everyone says the same thing when you tell them you are running or attending a day on self-hypnosis: “how will I get back?” Well, myself and many others are proof that it is possible and, in fact, pretty easy. How? Come along on the 27th April and find out, it would be lovely to see you there!

As always, see the Chantry Health Events page for all future workshops in Sussex.

Possibilities of Workshops Future

In addition to the Menopause Days and Self-Hypnosis Workshops, there are a couple of other workshops that I may well be running. You can find out more details for Be Your Own Life Coach and Optimising Your Communication by visiting my Workshops & Events page.

nlp belief changeThese are both fun and useful days that will give you practical tools to help you at home and work, in your relationships and life in general. To give you an idea of my approach, you might find it interesting to read my blogs on the importance of communication skills and life coaching checklist.

The Ghost of Workshop Past

Having enjoyed Workshops Present and being excited about Workshops Future, in the spirit of Christmas I will share one of my least fine moments of marketing genius. This was the ghost of Workshop Past.

One of the most common self-limiting patterns of thinking and behaving that I see in practice is that of procrastination. It really is the thief of time and a robber of opportunity. I thought it would be helpful to offer a workshop to support all the people in need of the tools to break free from this vagabond’s clutches! I called it “What is Stopping You?” You guessed it, no-one booked! It was the wrong group to pitch an idea to as they all decided to think about it and maybe come next time!

Live on BBC Radio Sussex

20181030_143541I enjoyed two trips into BBC Radio Sussex. One early on in the year to be the guest in the Sound Advice slot on the Allison Ferns afternoon show about Help Breaking Habits. And then again in October to offer self-help advice for Help with Sleep Problems. If you missed either of these you can listen again by clicking on recording at the end of the blog.

Staying in the Loop

As part of my practice I aim to share information that genuinely empowers people in terms of their health and happiness. I update the Chantry Health Facebook Page regularly so you can find topical information, videos, updates for my latest blogs and details for workshops. I know not everyone is on Facebook but you don’t have to have an account as this is a public page and open to everyone. You can visit and just have a look, and if you are already on Facebook, do please give the page a Like to keep up to date.

You can also sign-up to the Chantry Health Newsletter to receive topical infomation and  updates about the practice.

background-christmas-christmas-decoration-728459Thank you and Looking Ahead!

Thank you to you all for your continued interest in and support of Chantry Health. My aim is to see the practice continue to grow and evolve with you and for you. I hope the year ahead brings you health, happiness and all you hope for.

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